ASN's Values Invite Us to Assist...Africa's Orphaned Elephants

In keeping with the inspiration created by the world's amazing elephants...

ASN has adopted several orphaned baby elephants.


These incredible creatures are lovingly cared for by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa.      

Found alone, possibly mom died?

Mzinga twila

Foster Parent: Twila


Fell in ditch during nighttime migration.
Nyambeni site

Foster Parent: Tereasa 

Nyambeni MzingaSite 

 Mzinga & Nyambeni were very bonded almost from first sight.  Very Similar to Tereasa & Twila.
Nyambeni has navigated her early days with a very special partner by her side: Mzinga, a brave little orphan who was rescued from Tsavo earlier in the year. Mzinga and Nyambeni must have been born within a few weeks of each other, at opposite ends of the country. Because fate left them both orphaned, the Tsavo girl and the Meru girl will now grow up side by side. They instantly became best friends and have been integral to each other’s success stories. 

Mzinga's Story

Mzinga is alive today because of a fortuitous chance sighting. On 9th February 2022, our Tsavo Works Manager rounded out a long day in the field with an evening patrol of the Voi pipeline. Driving along the remote, dusty road, he spotted a tiny elephant up near Msinga Hill. She was all alone, dwarfed by the vast wilderness surrounding her.
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Nyambeni's Story 

Nyambeni is alive today because an ordinary man stepped up and went to extraordinary lengths to save her life. 
Her story began in Mula, a small village in the heart of the Meru landscape. On the morning of 9th May 2022, a suspicious noise captured a farmer’s attention. He followed the sound to the bank of a shallow, muddy ditch — where he was surprised to find a tiny elephant calf crying out to him! 
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Found standing guard over her mother’s body, helpless yet fiercely protective.

Ahmed Carmen

Foster Parent:  Carmen

Ahmed's Story

This brave little girl is an orphan in the most tragic sense. She was found standing guard over her mother’s body, helpless yet fiercely protective. At the tender age of 2 and a half years, she was old enough to be sentient about the situation, but far too young to survive on her own in a drought year. 
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She was found during a drought caught in a snare wire.

Latika Heather 

Foster Parent: Heather

Latika's Story

Latika is another orphan of the dry season, but with a cruel twist: she is also a snare victim. Surviving this particular dry season has been a challenge for all elephants, but this little elephant’s struggle was compounded by the wire snare cinched around her neck.
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Her mother had been shot and killed. The rescue was a groundbreaking, gravity-defying mission.

neshashi 23

 Foster Parent: ADHD Success Network Team 

Neshashi's Story

In nearly half a century of rescuing orphaned elephants, we haven’t undertaken a groundbreaking, gravity-defying mission of this scale.
It all began on 28th January 2022, when we were contacted by Samburu Trust. A female elephant had been shot and killed, leaving her daughter behind. At three years old, her calf was on the older side, but still dangerously vulnerable given the gruelling, dry conditions.
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She was found guarding her slain mother, who had been killed by the human hand.

sileita august 22

Foster Parent: Tracey

Sileita's Story

Sileita’s rescue was of the most tragic variety. Her life began as any elephant’s should, traversing the wilds of Kenya with her mother. A bullet changed all of that. She was found guarding her slain mother, who had been killed by the human hand. On the afternoon 28th March 2022...
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He was found stuck in a muddy ditch by himself.

sileita august 22

Foster Parent: Jeff

Shujaa's Story

Shujaa means ‘hero’ in Swahili. Given everything this tough little elephant has overcome, it is a most fitting name. Shujaa could have easily gone undiscovered. His story began on the evening of 21st August 2022, as a group of tourists were finishing a game drive along the Voi River Circuit in Tsavo East National Park. Darkness was falling, but in the encroaching gloom they managed to spot something amiss in a muddy embankment: A tiny calf, just a few months old, was flailing in the sticky earth.
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She was 1 week old when found after being mauled by preditors. 

Baby Raha!  ASN Mascot

Foster Parent: ADHD Success Network Team
She is our Mascot!

Raha's Story

In the Swahili language, Raha means joy. What better name, then, for this little rhino — joy that she survived against all odds, and joy that a precious member of Kenya’s black rhino population was saved. The SWT/KWS Mount Kenya Vet Unit rushed to the scene in September 2022. They were confronted with an impossibly tiny calf, who was no more than a week old at best. The predators had done a serious number on her, adding a whole new level of urgency to her situation. She was frightened and in great distress, pain etched across her little face.

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Found after a stampede caused by hostile gunfire.

kerrio blanket02

 Foster Parent: Bob Gates (Twila's Husband/Supporter)

Kerrio's Story

This calf’s story began as gunfire shattered the night air of Kerio Valley. This region is home to about 800 elephants. It is also the scene of long-simmering conflict between the warring Pokot and Marakwet tribes, fuelled by the possession of illegal firearms. This evening, a fight over livestock theft escalated into a volley of bullets. The sounds sent a nearby herd of elephants stampeding in terror. 
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