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Learn to live life "with ADHD" successfully




  • Organize / Prioritize

  • Decrease Procrastination

  • Work "with" the ADHD Time Warp

  • Decrease Overwhelm

  • Maintain Financial Systems

  • Help your child with ADHD

  • Develop & Maintain Friendships

  • Decrease Anxiety

  • Increase Productivity

  • Develop & Maintain Systems

  • Education & Learning Skills

  • Learn & Use Thinking Skills

  • Decrease Perfectionism

  • Effective Task management

  • Space Management

  • Increase Confidence

  • Interpersonal/Social Skills

  • Reduce Stress

  • Leadership Skills

  • The Art of Delegation

  • Project Management

  • Develop communications skills

  • Create Life Balance

  • Decrease Chaos

  • ADHD Success Network

    Systems, Strategies, Skills, Simplicity and Hope for the future... since 1996
  • Achieveable Goals

    • Experience more order and overall well-being in your life
    • Have positive self esteem with more self-awareness
    • Decrease overwhelm and lack of follow-through
    • Improve relationships and communications skills
    • Improve thinking skills with less stress/chaos
    • Make wise, conscious choices routinely
    • Develop systems that offer simplicity and an enjoyable life "with" ADHD

    The ADHD coaching is always focused on forward movement and practical action that is highly individualized based on client values, needs and desires.

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What is Coaching

ADHD Coaching is a supportive, practical, action oriented, highly individualized process with the major goal of assisting those with ADD / ADHD in achieving their full potential. The client(s) and coach identify life areas in which change is desired. The client and ADHD coach co-create goals, assess values and needs, develop skills & systems, and utilize tools to stay on track. This supports each person to be the leader, worker, parent, spouse, student or business owner they would choose to be..

Change that will last a lifetime requires time, systems, tools, practice and expert support. Generally clients utilize ADHD coaching services for 9-12 months in duration and some much longer, simply because they choose to continue their growth in other areas. Like an Olympic athlete's coach, an ADHD life coach can enhance growth even for those who are doing very well.

Together, the client and ADHD coach will:

  • Identify Strengths
  • Discover Needs, Values and Desires
  • Co-create Goals (Business and/or Personal)
  • Brainstorm Strategic Plans
  • Develop Skills & Systems
  • Enhance Communications Skills
  • Improve Personal & Work Relationships
  • Implement Tools to Manage Time, Priorities & Tasks
  • Develop Systems for Tasks/Projects
  • Improve Executive Functioning
  • Create Self-awareness For Success

ADHD Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life, career or small business:

People hire ADHD coaches because they want a life that propels them into reaching their full potential rather than one where they are struggling with their ADHD challenges each day, under-employed, at odds with relationships, stuck in the chaos and lack of focus and doing what they or others think they "should." People hire ADHD coaches to experience happiness, healthy relationships and personal / work success with more ease.

The ASN Team: Twila, Tereasa, Jess, Jessica, Carmen & Heather

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Experts in the field of ADHD Coaching... since 1996

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Changed my Life

    "I came to (my coach) broken after years of struggling with ADHD and PTSD. Her professionalism, positivity, realism, understanding, and experience with ADHD provided the path I needed to 'get out of the weeds'..

    She understood me more after the first few weeks than my therapist that I had worked with for over a year. I just wish I found her sooner so that I could have changed my life for the better years ago before I made so many mistakes and bad decisions.

    My relationships have never been stronger, my career is the healthiest it has been in years, and I am actually setting long term goals and accomplishing them. Most of all, my relationship with myself is, for the first time in a long time, positive and loving. I am looking forward to the future (even during this covid craziness). I am not in the clear yet (or ever might be) but I am on the right path and that is all thanks to my coach. Thank you."


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